Monday, June 13, 2011

Go Big or Go Home

So you're porfolio is down 20%, government funding is coming to an end, and a German just captured the NBA finals MVP trophy. Our country is tanking, and the denial stops now. Though there is silver lining to every tragedy, there is still money to be made.

Stock Ticker: DUCP
52 week: .07 - .53
Current Stock price: .08

Potential 662%increase in the upcoming months.

This stock thrives on it's ridiculous jumps on random yet consistent dates. This stock can easilly hit .16 (100% gain) in a matter of ten minutes. This is the volcano of the stock market. For example on March 13th, 2011 I bought roughly a thousand dollars worth of DUCP for .09 cents a share. April 15th, 2011 I sold each share for .32 cents apiece. A 355% increase in a only a little more than a month. Since then i've been waiting for it to drop below 15 cents, and selling once it hits over 20 cents, for modest 33% gains.
Why does this normally dormant stock constantly have the sudden urge to explode? Because this is how the owners entice new shareholders and keep their current ones.
Coming from the DUCP website itself in the investors section.
"The primary focus of DAULTON CAPITAL CORP is to grow shareholder value"
Every time the stock dips, the management of DUCP advertise their stock to avoid losing funding for their projects and that's the lava that sparks large gains in your porfolio.

Although this stock heavily relies on momentum at the moment, one transaction has gave them the potential to evolve out of the pink sheets and become one of the more respectable mining companies. On May 5th, 2011 "Daulton Capital Announces Letter of Intent to Acquire Oil, Gas and Liquid Natural Gas Rights to Property in Papua New Guinea."
To anyone familiar with mining companies, the first and most important step to becoming legitimate is finding a home for your work. In 2001 Northern Dynasty Minerals(Ticker: NG) acquired the rights to Pebble Alaska and it was nothing but a Cinderella story from then.

Acquiring the rights to an area is the silver shoe that turns an abused house keeper into the princess-to-be. As of today, NG is worth $9.15 . Just imagine if you got into DUCP at the current price of .08, or even .20. It use to be a matter of "if" but since acquiring land in New Guinea it's become a combination of "when" and "how much?".